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An increase in the temperature of the World Ocean

An increase in the temperature of the World Ocean made more than 25% of the glaciers in the western part of the Antarctic unstable. This conclusion was made by an international group of scientists who for 25 years observed the glaciers in this region with the help of satellites.

The researchers studied data from 1992 to 2017 by several generations of satellites, including ERS-1, ERS-2, Envisat, and CryoSat, which use radar altimeters to measure the height of ice cover.

Then the researchers compared the data on the change in height from the ice cover of glaciers with the amount of snow that fell in the region during this time, and put the results in the RACMO climate model.

A wave of thinning ice cover spread rapidly across some of the most vulnerable glaciers of the Antarctic, and their loss leads to a gradual rise in the level of the World Ocean.

Andy Shepard, lead author

Earlier it was reported that the melting of the largest ice shelf in Antarctica – the Ross Glacier – accelerated due to the heating of the surface layers of sea water in its vicinity. Until now, it was believed that the greatest contribution to the melting of glaciers makes warm water at great depths.

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