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Engineers from Stanford University presented Doggo - Technology
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Engineers from Stanford University presented Doggo

A four-legged, open-source robot system. This means that anyone can collect it, and the work will significantly reduce the cost of development in the field of robotics. 

The robot was created by the Extreme Mobility team, whose task is to develop a cheap and easily reproducible robot. The researchers cite as an example the devices of other companies, parts for which are made to order and cost up to $ 10 thousand – this makes the creation of robots inaccessible to many researchers.

Doggo is built from parts that can be ordered on Amazon and eBay and costs about $ 3 thousand. The robot is able to perform several different actions, and the computer installed in it performs up to 8 thousand calculations per second to determine which limb you need to apply at the moment. 

The robot can move on flat and rugged terrain, jump 100 cm and even do backflips in the air.

Earlier it was reported that the experimental division of Facebook Research is launching the production of robotics based on artificial intelligence technology and machine learning.

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