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The aircraft manufacturing concern Bell Helicopter completed tests

The V-280 Valor convertiplane, during which the device carried out various maneuvers at low speed. Now the tiltrotor has successfully passed all the stages of the test and can be entered into service with the US Air Force in the near future

Draft V-280 Valor was introduced in 2013. The aircraft can take off and land both vertically and horizontally.

Earlier, the tiltrotor made a flight with a horizontal landing and a steep takeoff at an angle of 80 °. Such a takeoff allows him to make a very short mileage and significantly reduce the amount of fuel consumed. In addition, the apparatus can take with it more cargo than during a vertical take-off.

Now V-280 Valor is participating in the BBC USA competition to create a device that will replace outdated UH-60 Black Hawk multi-purpose helicopters. Among the main requirements – the cruising speed of the aircraft must exceed 280 knots, and for the use of marines – 295 knots. In this case, the capacity of the device must be greater than 4.5 tons.

Representatives of Bell Helicopter told the publication that the convertiplane fully satisfied the requirements of the military. This means that in the near future it can enter into service with the US Air Force.

Earlier, Bell Helicopter under the new testing of the V-280 convertiplane Valor dispersed the device to 300 knots – about 555 km / h. This is 40 km / h faster than the cruising speed declared for the V-280 Valor.

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